Suntuf Commercial - Skylighting FAQ's


Can I use silicone to seal SunTuf Commercial?

Silicone sealers and adhesives can be used if they are the neutral cure type, also check on the tube if they are compatible with polycarbonate plastics.


How important is it to follow the PSP SunTuf Commercial general recommendations on product usage?

Very important. Recommendations for the storage, installation and general treatment of SunTuf Commercial sheets are drafted to ensure that the product’s quality and serviceability is met to full extent, and following these recommendations ensures that product warranty isn't void.


How do I cut SunTuf Commercial sheets?

SunTuf Commercial sheets may be cut with either a circular saw or jig saw. (using a very fine blade). Sheets may also be cut by hand by carefully using heavy duty scissors or a utility knife. For further information please refer to the SunTuf Commercial installation manual


What should I use to clean my panels?

Warm water with a mild household detergent should be sufficient to clean SunTuf Commercial sheets. Wipe off any remained dirt with a soft cloth and wash again. Water blasting is also suitable only when the nozzle is kept at least 500mm from the sheet. NEVER use a solvent based cleaner (ammonia, etc.). NEVER wipe the sheets when dry. AVOID using sponges or brushes that can scratch the sheets surface.


Is it OK to walk over roofing sheets while in storage, during or after installation?

No. SunTuf Industrial is not trafficable.


How long do SunTuf Commercial sheets last?

o We offer a limited warranty of 25 years. Please refer to


How many fastening options are there? And what is best for my installation

Refer to the website for a copy of the installation guide.


Is it OK to fix screws by a power drill or screwdriver?

Yes. Care must be taken not to over tighten.


What is the weight of typical SunTuf Commercial panels?

1.2 kg per m2


How should I store packed SunTuf sheets?

Store sheets in a protected, shaded, ventilated site, with no direct exposure to sunlight and winds. For outdoor temporary storage, cover with an opaque protective tarp, avoiding heat-absorbing materials.


Can these sheets catch fire?

All plastic materials are flammable to some degree and will catch fire in presence of exterior flame. The ignition temperature of polycarbonate sheets is 915ºF (490ºC). The ignition temperature of PVC sheets is 736ºF (391ºC). Both materials are self-extinguishing, and fire will decay when the exterior flame source is removed.


Do the sheets expand in heat?

Yes. PVC and polycarbonate sheets expand with heat, and contract with cold.

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